CSSD/SC Bram Frank Design LLC Elongated Fixed Blade with Kydex Holster




Length 9 1/5 inch, Blade length: 4 inch


Length 11 inch, Blade length: 5 inch

  • Elongated LLC Fixed Blades
  • Proud jimped outer steel edges for retention
  • ‘Post in the hole indexing’ for forward-reverse grip changing
  • BRAMP (ramp) tip control in skinning, delicate work
  • BRAMP (ramp) trapping, hammering, joint locks
  • BRAMP (ramp) for reverse upside-down braced cutting, scraping
  • Bio-mechanical handle- firearm grip retention under duress: non-slippage with water, blood or oil: (locked 3 finger hand grip as with firearm)
  • Braille (VILL: Vision impaired Low Light) designators type of knife: 1 trainer, 2 working tool, 3 live blade
  • Blade steel: 8Cr13MoV steel (Chinese AUS-8), Hardness: HRC 56-58
  • Bram Bowie Blade elongated (1” inch longer than identical folder) Grind 14-16 degrees (28-32 total hand ground)
  • Bram Drone: rounded safe training blade
  • Handle scales G10: RED- safe training Drone
  • Handle scales G10: Live blades- Digi Cami, Desert Tan, Black, Red Checkered
  • Functional thong hole
  • Kydex holster with reversible clip



Black handle, Desert Tan handle, Digi-Cam handle, Red Checkered handle


Standard, Magnum


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